• CrossFire Group Scholarships It’s that time of year again, CrossFire Group is accepting applications for our CrossFire Group Scholarships. Here at CrossFire Group, we value education and determination, and want to support members of the “CrossFire Family” who are pursuing degrees. We will be awarding two $500 scholarships and two $250 scholarships to students who will be attending an accredited college or university as of fall semester 2014. We are looking for outstanding students that we can lend a hand to in their academic endeavors. These scholarships will be given ...

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  • Keeping a Low Profile on Social Media In this day and age, new social media sites are popping up left and right. It’s hard not to want to be a part of each new and exciting thing that comes out. However, the more we’re downloading these apps, the more information we’re disclosing about ourselves to the Internet. It’s important to be in-the-know and keep up with all these new creations coming out, however it’s just as important to keep a low profile. Know what you’re putting up, who can see it and ...

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